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“Manage Your Emotions” 

  • One to One Counselling 
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  • Parent-Child Counselling 
  • Career Counselling

our Workshop

Happy Life Program

Happy Life Program is the SACHIN’s Scientific Mind Training Program.

These few hours will be most Empowering, Educational and Entertaining time of your life, which YOU WILL NEVER FORGET

Memory Power

This is a Powerful Mind Training Program to Achieve Rapid Success

Are you fasing these problems :

  • Is it difficult for children to study?
  • Do children quickly forget what they learn?
  • Does he has Phobia of any subject?
  • Can’t remember answers in the exam?


This program will guide for parents to take ideal care of their children.

Hello Parents …!

  • Don’t children listen to anyone?
  • Is it difficult to take care of children?
  • Don’t children respect adults?
  • Is the rudeness too much?
  • Is irritability increasing in children?
  • Can’t get out of the mobile Addiction?


For Happy Married Life

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Hi I'm


  • Life Coach
  • Counsellor

       Sachin is a Life Coach, Counsellor, Successful Entrepreneur. He is the Founder & CEO of  Mannsparsh Mind Institute With the Vision to spread  Positivity  in society at the age of 26, He started his Public Speaking Journey as a Coach on 24th September, 2018 with very small audience of 12 people. He is known as a Courteous and Loyal Advisor.

         How to live stress free life? is the most common question in today’s hectic and hard life. The rules defined by  Sachin to live a stress free  life by managing one’s personal & professional life, have already made many of lives successful and happy. For enrichment of personal life he has also been taking seminars on topics such as Self Development, Mindset, Parenting.

Our Seminar & Webinar

Your Life

Life changing and Motivational Seminar by the SACHIN.

Are you Facing many problems and obstacles in your life? Then take benefits of this Seminar


Golden Opportunity For Big Dreamers

The education we take is 20% strategy to make life successful but I am going to teach you 80% Psychology.

smile please...

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Our Vision

  • To impart this knowledge to 5 lakh people through training and workshop by 2025 .
  • Target 1 thousand One on One Counselling completing by 2025 .
  • Target 1 thousand Couple Counselling completing near three year .
  • 5 lakh subscribers for our YouTube channel by 2025 .

Our Mission

  • Empowering a person to fulfill their dreams, goals by harnessing the immense power of the inner mind .
  • To make a positive change in a person’s life by giving proper direction to his thoughts, feelings, behavior and perceptions.
  • Empowerment to develop mindset, health, money, relationships and overcome life’s problems.
  • To guide the individual to become the best version of himself by making full and proper use of the latent potential within him.


How to make your life more beautiful, how to make life happier by overcoming many problems in life. It is a program that creates good feelings in people and makes them ideal citizens of family, society and country. Salute to The Great Sachin Sir and his Team.

Bapusaheb Thokale Social Leader

Its Life Changing Program. If you want to know how to live Proper Life then must attend Dear Zindagi workshop once in Life. Full Energetic experience. I suggest this program for those who don't believe in Motivation. Thank you Sachin Sir for guiding us to build a strong mind set.

Adesh Pandhare Student

Understood how to maintain balance in different situations of life as well as how to maintain relationships. Finding a way to break the bad habits of the mind, to understand the power within yourself and how to use it. People will benefit a lot from having to repeat programs that get more knowledge at a lower cost.

Nitin Fashion Designer

Sachin Sir, it is really admirable that you are guiding people by studying a lot at a young age. It was a great workshop. Thank you Dear Zindagi Team.

Muktanand Misal Teacher

This is the life changing day of my life. The program provided a new perspective on life. This workshop will be an experience of my life because it has helped me to understand the true meaning of life.

Jotiram Bhandge Bank Professional

Dear Zindagi by Sachin

मी बऱ्याचवेळा ऐकलंय की , हे जग चांगल्या माणसांमुळे टिकून आहे .…